Our Passion Statement

At DID we are dedicated to helping our clients love their home. Our goal is to provide design solutions that reflect your unique story, taste and budget. We rely on our experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget and with consistently satisfying results.

Love is in the details.

Our Process

We want to take the stress out of the design-build process by providing you with the clarity, direction and peace of mind to get you to a beautiful finish. Here’s how we work: Our 15 Step Process.


The Initiation Phase

1 – Initial consultation
2 – Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer, start the project

Research, Design, Presentation Phase

3 – Trade Day / On-site measurements, photos, summery meeting
4 – Create drawings, source materials
5 – Present estimates, collect deposits

Project Management Phase

6 – Place orders
7 – Review budget
8 – Receipt of orders
9 – Installation
10 – Styling
11 – Reveal
12 – Deficiencies walk through
13 – Resolving deficiencies
14 – Closure meeting and present final invoices
15 – Client folder and thank you 

Contact Us

DAWN@DETAILSInteriorDesign.CA ~ (289) 259-9729

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